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Adelaide 2017

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 Oceania Open Aikido Championships 2016        The Proud Winners


International Competitions Held Around the World                                        

Apart from being an established and respected traditional martial art around the world, Aikido  is also an exciting and popular national and inter-varsity sport in Japan and is now established internationally with world championships held every two years since 1989.
To date the World championships have been held in Japan, the US, the UK, Australia and Switzerland. 

Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei                                                                      

The Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei  is currently functioning in its main intention and purpose of facilitating, organising and administrating the sporting and competition elements of Aikido in Oceania. It is the regional representative body for its registered clubs. 
The Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei hosts, training camps, referee seminars, organises regional tournaments, sends official regional teams to the World Championships and international competitions and enters teams yearly in competitions in Japan.

Aikido Competition and Sport                                                                       

If you were to compare aikido competitions to other martial arts you would find similarity in the techniques and tournament rules of Judo  and some of the style, rules and scoring points of Kendo.
Though there is a mixed event team competition and variations of rules for juniors and non black belt players, essentially there are two forms of contest.
One is"randori shiai" (free contest) where two persons battle each other similar to Judo and winning is achieved through successful application of  Aikido technique or submission or by obtaining  the most points for partly successful techniques.  The contest is made up of two halves of 2 minutes each.
 The other is"kata  shiai" (demonstration contest) where a pair of players demonstrate a series of techniques of attacking and defending and are judged, similar to gymnastics, against demonstrations by other pairs. Usually two pairs compete at a time and the judged winners move on to compete against winners of another kata contest. 
In kata  shiai there are two types of demonstration, one is a free style demonstration of a series of techniques made up by the contestants themselves and the other is a demonstration of one of the traditional set forms.
Randori contests are male against male or female against female in separated events and there is an  individual event and a team event for both male and female. Kata contests can be mixed male/female pairs or same gender pairs and all compete together in the same event.

The mixed 5 event team contest (kongo dantaisen) is a mix of two kata and three randori contests against another team. The number of wins decides the winning team.
There are competition events for juniors and adults.

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